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Air Unit

Air UnitThis truck was originally put in service in 1987 as Rescue 1, a heavy rescue/hazmat response unit. It was refurbished in 1997 when it was replaced by the current rescue into an air/rehab unit.


Engine 1

Engine 1A 2004 E-One Cyclone pumper (built by Greenwood Fire Apparatus was received by Manchester Fire Dept. in May.

The new pumper is complimented with:

  • 2000 g.p.m. pump
  • 750 water tank
  • Two 30 gallon foam tanks (class A and B)
  • Allison electronic 5 speed automatic transmission
  • On spot chains
  • Cummins ISM02 electronic diesel engine (Horsepower rating 370 at governed engine speed of 2100 rpm; 661 cu in displacement; ISM 400 turbo charged
  • Onan 6000 watt hydraulic generator
  • Federal Q2B siren
  • Heated and power equipped med compartments
  • Most of the lighting consists of LED lights
  • 1200 feet of 5" supply hose, 3 crosslays (2- 200 feet of 1 3/4" hose and 1- 200 feet of 2" hose)
  • 1 rear mounted Blitzfire portable monitor(500 g.p.m.). 1 bumper line- 100 feet of 1 3/4" hose
  • All handlines including the blitzfire have foam capabilities.

Engine 2

Engine 2The first Fire King 2 was built by Amoskeag in 1860 and was replaced by another Amoskeag Steamer in the mid 1870's. On January 1, 1923 the Amoskeag steamer was replaced by a 1000 GPM Ahrens Fox Pumper. This apparatus was also called the Fire King.

In 1943 the Ahrens Fox was replaced by a Mack L85 1000 GPM pumper with a 100 gallon booster tank. This apparatus was manufactured during wartime restrictions and had no chrome or nickel plating. The Mack was assigned to Engine 2 until 1955 when it was replaced by a B95 Mack with a 750 GPM pump and a 200 gallon booster tank. The Mack served the company for 29 years until it was replaced by a 1984 FMC 1500 GPM pumper with a 750 water tank.

The FMC was assigned to Engine 2 until the Spring of 1996 when it was replaced by a Spartan/3D 2000 GPM pump with a 750 water tank and a compressed air foam unit built into the apparatus.

The current Engine 2 is a 2014 2000 GPM Pumper manufactured by E-One in Ocala, FL. It has a Williams around the pump foam proportioning system with both Class A and B capability, a 700 gallon booster tank, and seating for 6 firefighters. Engine 2 was purchased with Engines 5 and 7.

Engine 3

Engine 3A 2013 E-One engine with a 2,000 gpm pump. It carries a 750 gal. water tank along with two 30 gallon tanks for Class A and Class B foam.



Engine 4

Engine 4Engine 4 is a 2009 E-One Pumper equipped with a 2000 GPM pump, a 2700 gallon tank, 6 person cab and a Hale Foamlogix A/B Foam System.



Engine 5

Engine 5Engine 5 is a 2014 2000 GPM Pumper manufactured by E-One in Ocala, Fl. It has a Williams around the pump foam proportioning system with both Class A and B capability, a 700 gallon booster tank and seating for 6 firefighters. 

Engine 5 was purchased with Engines 2 and 7.



Engine 6

Engine 6A 2004 E-One engine with a 2000 gpm pump. It carries 750 gallons of water and is equipped with class A & B foam. 


Engine 7

Engine 7A 2014 E-One with a 2000 gpm pump. It holds 750 gallons of water along with a 30 gallon Class A foam cell and a 40 gallon Class B foam cell. It also holds 1200 feet of 5" hose.



Engine 8

Engine 8Engine 8 is a 2015 2000 GPM Custom Pumper constructed on an E-One Typhoon cab and chassis with a Cummins ISL 45 HP motor. The truck's compliment includes:

  • Class A/B foam proportioning system
  • NFPA compliment of ground ladders, tools, & equipment
  • 700 gallon water tank
  • Carries oxygen, a defibrillator and basic EMS equipment


Engine 9

Engine 9Engine 9's history begins in the mid 1890's as a horse drawn hose wagon known at first as Hose 3. The hose wagon was replaced with motorized versions up until the 1930's. At that time, the hose wagon was replaced with an Ahrens Fox pumper, which also brought with it a name change to Engine 9. The Ahrens Fox was eventually replaced with a 1958 Mack, a 750 gpm pumper that carried a 500 gallon water tank, a Rockwood foam proportioner, wet water agents, the "Jaws of Life", an Emerson rescussitator, and 2 air packs.

In 1963, Engine 9 had to move from their home (where Queen City Ave. and Elm St. intersect now) to their present location on Calef Road. The Mack, in its 29 years of service, had to have many transformations done to it. A new diesel engine replaced the older gas one (which required a hood extension), and the rear body and tank needed to be completely changed.

Currently, Engine 9 is a 2008 E-One. It has a 2000 gpm pump and a 750 gallon water tank along with a 40 gallon Class A foam cell and a 30 gallon Class B foam cell. What distinguishes this engine from the others is that it also carries an Amkus Rescue Tool.  

Engine 10

Engine 10Engine 10 has a long lineage in the city's fire service, with a variety of vehicles from horsedrawn to todays 20011 E-One with a 2000 gpm pump and a 750 gallon water tank. In addition, it also has a 40 gallon Class A foam cell and a 30 gallon Class B foam cell.

In 1983, engine 10 became the first pump to carry 4 inch supply hose in its bed. The company repeated this initiative in 1993, being the first pump in the city to carry 5 inch supply hose.

Engine 11

Engine 11

The City of Manchester purchased its first motorized fire apparatus in 1910. The rig was a 4 cylinder Knox equipped with a chemical tank, booster line and hose bed. Known as “The Flying Squadron”, it ran out of the Vine Street Station and responded to ALL fires within the Manchester city limits.

In 1937, “The Flying Squadron” was reorganized into Engine Company 11 and in February of 1971 was moved from the Vine Street Station into it current quarters at 100 Merrimack Street.

During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Manchester was in a deep economic slump with a major drug problem. Engine 11 was there “first due” to thousands of fires during this time.

Currently Engine 11, “The City’s Busiest”, covers the Downtown and Janesville sections of the city. Keeping with tradition and due to their central location, Engine 11 still responds to most of the fires citywide. They have long been the busiest engine company in New Hampshire and one of the busiest in New England.

Engine 11 is a 2009 E-One Pumper equipped with a 2000 GPM pump, a 750 gallon water tank, 6 person cab and a Hale Foamlogix A/B Foam System. 

Forestry 1

Forestry Truck 1Forestry 1 is housed at the Amory St. Station and was in service in time for the 2003 spring brush fire season.

The Manchester Fire Department has received its first forestry vehicle. The 2002 Ford F550 is equipped with:

  • 7.3L Power Stroke diesel engine
  • Hale pump system with Class A Foam capability
  • 300 ft. of 1 1/2" hose
  • 50 ft. of 2 1/2" hose
  • 300 gallon water tank with a 10 gallon drop-in foam tan.
  • 12,000 lb. winch both front and rear
  • Hydro-Wick Wickman-100 portable pump.

Forestry 2

Forestry Truck 2The department accepted a second forestry truck to be stationed at the Cohas Brook Fire Station.

The water flowing delivery system includes:

  • 2003 Ford F-550 all-wheel drive with a 17,500 GVWR pkg.
  • 250 HP 7.3L V8 turbo diesel engine
  • 4 speed auto transmission
  • 4.88 limited slip rear axle
  • Ramsey 12,000 Lb. Electric Winch (fore and aft)
  • Hale Centrifugal Pump
  • 4 cycle gasoline engine with capabilities of 110 gpm @ 150 psi, 50 gpm @ 250 psi
  • 290 gallon gallon water tank with foam capabilities

Rescue One

Rescue 1 A 2010 KME heavy rescue with a 6 man cab.

The Rescue was designed with six 6,000 psi air bottles for its on-board cascade, a 15 kW pto driven generator powering an electric Amkus tool hydraulic pump, roof mounted command lights, and a variety of charging units for battery operated devices.

It is staffed by 4 technical rescue/hazmat technicians per shift.

Truck 1

Truck 1Truck 1 is a 2015 HP 100 Aerial Platform constructed on an E-One CII X Medium cab and chassis with a Cummins ISX12 500 HP motor. Truck 1's Aerial Platform provides up to 100 fee of elevation and a horizontal reach of 91 feet 6 inches. The Aerial Platform can also provide an elevated Master Stream flowing up to 1250 gallons of water per minute.

Truck 1 carries an NFPA compliment of ground ladders, tools and equipment. It also carries oxygen, a defibrillator and basic EMS equipment.

Truck 3

Truck 3A 2006 E-One 114' Bronto Skylift. Carries assorted equipment to perform truck company operations. 





   Truck 4

Truck 1 is a 2001 Bronto Skylift, manufactured by E-One. It carries a complement of 2 6,000 psi supplemental breathing air bottles, a 15,000 watt generator and a shaft driven amkus hydraulic extrication tool. The Skylift is capable of carrying 750 lbs. at full reach and extension while flowing water from its 1500 gpm electric nozzle.



Truck 6

Truck 6A 1996 Spartan/3D aerial platform. It has a 110-foot reach when straight and the capability of a 15-foot bend in the top of the aerial enabling it for below grade situations. The truck is also equipped with a stokes basket and height rescue equipment.



Truck 7

Truck 7A 2009 HP-100 Tower manufactured by Emergency-One. 

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