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Public Participation and Involvement

Leaves & Pine Needles Filling a Catch BasinAll citizens in Manchester live in the Merrimack River Watershed. We are all part of the pollution and can all be part of the cleanup solution.

When 100,000 residents take steps to keep one pint of used oil off their driveways and streets (leaks from changing oil, loose gaskets, leaking break fluid, and leaking transmission fluids) this will keep 12,500 gallons of dripped oils out of the Merrimack River each year. This 12,500 gallons would equal 227, 55-gallon drums of waste oil. That is enough oil to pollute over ten billion (Yes that number is TEN BILLION) gallons of Merrimack River Water! So you see, even the little action that each and everyone of you can do, DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

For the Storm Water Program to be successful it must rely on the participation of each individual citizen residing within Manchester. Almost everyone has visited an Urban Pond only to see shopping carts, garbage, debris, tires, and used containers litter the banks.

Nutts Pond Clean UpManchester usually holds two pond clean ups each year. One is in the Spring - April/May and one in the Fall - September/October. It takes the involvement of the citizens to assist in these clean ups, and then it takes the preventative measures of the citizens to continue to keep these ponds clean.

Check out the Urban Pond website listed below and get involved in becoming part of the solution.

There are many things a person can do to help reduce storm water pollution. These steps are fairly simple and have a lasting cumulative effect.

Some things you can try are:

  • Using less fertilizer or an organic fertilizer on your lawn
  • Collect lawn clippings and leaves to prevent these from being washed to the storm drains, and compost if possible
  • Don't over water your lawn, use a lawn soaker type hose rather than the lawn sprinkler
  • Cover piles of dirt or mulch being used in lawn care so it doesn't wash off into catch basins during heavy rains
  • Wash you vehicle at a commercial car wash, but if you can't, wash the vehicle on the lawn so the grass has a chance to absorb the soaps and nutrients
  • Repair any leaks in your vehicle and dispose of used oil and anti-freeze properly
  • Pick up after your pet. Pet wastes can carry bacteria, parasites and other diseases
  • Use mosquito proof rain barrels to collect rain water from your roof gutters to be used on your garden or lawns (this helps reduce your cost for water)

You can find out many other ways of reducing your contribution of pollutants to storm water runoff by visiting:
Storm Water Outreach Materials

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