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Welcome to the City of Manchester's Retiree Website

COVID-19 and Health Coverage for City of Manchester Retirees Under 65

The City of Manchester is working closely with Anthem to comply with State and Federal mandates concerning COVID-19 and your health insurance coverage.   We have created the attached to provide you with information about your insurance coverage and about utilizing Anthem’s 24/7 Nurseline and LiveHealth online.
Click here for important information about Coronavirus COVID-19 and your Anthem health insurance coverage.

Other Resources:

Important Notice For Retirees who are turning 65 that live in FL, MN, WA.

Beginning January 1, 2020 anyone who becomes eligible for Medicare and lives in Florida, Minnesota or Washington will no longer be allowed to enroll in the City’s Plan F Medicare Supplemental plan. A second plan (Plan G) will be offered to accommodate retirees who live in these three states.

This only affects retirees turning 65 on or after January 1, 2020 and who live in the three states mentioned above.

Update on the City of Manchester Deferred Compensation Plan

The City of Manchester is officially with ICMA-RC for our Deferred Compensation Plan and the freeze has been lifted!

Follow the instructions below to set up your online account. If you have any issues or concerns setting up your on-line account, please call ICMA-RC at 1-800-669-7400.

IMPORTANT: After you have set up your account, please review/update your beneficiaries, phone number and email address.

Instructions to Set Up Your on-line Account:

  • Go to www.icmarc.org
  • Click on “Participants”
  • Click on “Set Up Your Online Access”
  • Follow the prompts – it will lead you right through the process! All you will need to know is the last 4 of your SSN and your date of birth.
  • If ICMA-RC has your email address on file, they will send you a security code. If they do not have your email address on file, the system will ask you a series of questions. You can also call ICMA-RC at the number above to request a security code be sent to your mobile phone.


Introducing the Health Through Oral Wellness (HOW) Program

Effective 11/1/16, all City of Manchester employees, retirees, and their dependents who are on the NE Delta Dental Plan with the City will have the innovative Health Through Oral Wellness (HOW) program available to them!

This program extends additional preventive benefits to those who are at greater risk for oral disease. Benefit enhancements may include sealants for children and adults, greater frequency of cleanings (up to 4 cleanings per year), periodontal maintenance, fluoride treatments, oral health counseling and tooth decay susceptibility testing.

There are 3 steps to follow to enroll in the program and see if you are eligible for enhanced preventive benefits:

  1. Register for HOW by going to www.nedelta.com and clicking on the "HOW" icon (make sure to watch the video!).
  2. Take the free oral health risk assessment called "My Dental Score".
  3. Share your score with your Dentist and request he/she complete the Clinical Assessment for you (the result of the clinical assessment determine if you are eligible for additional preventive benefits).

Read the HOW Pocket Guide to get more information! You can also go to the HOW web site for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program call Delta Dental Customer service at 603-223-1000 or 1-800-537-1715.

(Please know, any additional preventive benefits you may qualify for through the HOW program are subject to the City’s dental benefit plan design.  These benefits are subject to the $1,500 calendar year maximum.  Also, if your qualify for additional periodontal maintenance services under “Basic Restorative”, you will be responsible for the 40% coinsurance).

Urgent Care and Walk-in clinic Information

Health care costs are expensive enough, but there are ways you can pro-actively decrease your out of pocket costs! One way is of course to use the City's Compass Program, another way is to use Urgent Care Facilities and Walk-in Clinics rather than going to the emergency room for non-life threatening injuries or illnesses. This is especially beneficial if you are on the High Deductible Health Plan. If your on the HMO or POS, you will pay significantly less than the emergency room co-pay. Also, your waiting time will be much less at these clinics.

Most Urgent Care facilities like ConvenientMD can treat broken bones, sprains, cuts, burns, colds, flu, pneumonia, asthma attacks, etc. They can even give flu shots and do X-rays. Some also do minor surgical procedures. Visit your local Urgent Care facilities web site to see all they cover.

The New Hampshire Walk-in Centers, Urgent Care Center, Retail Health Clinics brochure shows you where the Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics are located in New Hampshire!

Important Notice Regarding Retirees Under 65 and Disabled

If you are under 65 and disabled,  and you are on Medicare Disability for 2 years  (24 months) as outlined in the Medicare and You Handbook, please notify Benefits Coordinators at (603) 624-6543 because you will no longer be eligible to be on your current health plan. Also, if you are under the New Hampshire Retirement plan, please notify New Hampshire Retirement, this will affect your subsidy.

Important Notice Regarding Ex-Spouses on your Health/Dental Insurances

If you have your spouse on your Health and/or Dental Insurances, and you get divorced, you must notify HR/Benefits within 30 days of the Divorce. The ex-spouse cannot remain on your health and dental insurances once they are no longer your legal dependent.

Once you receive your Divorce Decree, send HR/Benefits a copy of the "Notice of Decision". Your ex-spouse must be removed from your health and dental insurances effective midnight on the last day of the month that your divorce was finalized. Your ex-spouse will be offered Cobra continuation of coverage rights.

If you do not notify HR/Benefits of your Divorce in a timely manner, the City does reserve the right to recoup any claims paid on behalf of the ex-spouse during the period they were no longer eligible to be on your health and/or dental insurances.

If you are a Fire/Police Retiree, you must also notify the New Hampshire Retirement System.