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Health Savings Account

High Deductible Health Plan-The medical plan

  • Preventative care is paid at 100% 
  • Non-preventive care (including prescriptions) is paid by the member until the deductible is met
    • $2,000 deductible for an individual plan
    • $4,000 deductible for a two-person or family plan
    • In-network medical care (covered by the plan) is paid at 100% once deductible is met

Health Savings Account(HSA)-A bank account to pay for your deductible 

Information and Resources

See what your co-workers have to say about the HDHP with HSA.

Special thanks to the following for the production of the testimonial video:
Andy Vachon, Andy Parent, Jean Fortier, Lisa Hynes, Kristen Clarke and Kim Drohan from the Leadership Academy Team and Brendan McCormick of MPTS