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Emergency Center

Check out our Disaster Preparedness Pamphlet

For emergencies covering the Manchester area, please select from the list below for information on how to prepare and react to certain conditions...




  • Prepare Your Emergency Kit and make plans; FEMA, NH Guidelines
  • Test Run Generators and Chain Saws
  • Top off Fuel Tanks
  • Test Smoke Detectors
  • Review Your Family Plan
  • Charge Battery Devices
  • Sign Up to Receive Text Alerts
  • Get recommended inoculations
  • Monitor Alert Services and Follow Directions
  • Avoid Dangerous Travel
  • Seek Shelter
  • Monitor Alert Services for Remaining Risks
  • Be Informed of Potential Health Issues
  • Contact Professionals for Dangerous Clean Up/ Recovery




Hurricane/ Severe Storm/ Flooding

Blizzard/ Snow Storm/ Ice Storm


Pandemic Illness

Hazardous Material Accident

Other Resources


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