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Notice of Intent

Notice of Intent (NOI) & Permitting

The EPA requires any operator(s) of construction sites where one or more acres are disturbed, smaller sites that are part of a larger common plan of development or sale where there is a cumulative disturbance of at least one acre, or any other site specifically designated by the Director, must submit an NOI to obtain coverage under an NPDES general permit.

Each person, firm, public organization, or any other entity that meets either of the following criteria must file this form: (1) they have operational control over construction plans and specifications, including the ability to make modifications to those plans and specifications; or (2) they have day-to-day operational control of those activities at the project necessary to ensure compliance with SWPPP requirements or other permit conditions.

Electronic NOI Filing

The EPA now has an electronic NOI filing format. Click on the above link and you will get all the information necessary to answer all questions posed by the NOI. There are specific links on this page that explain what capacity the certifying official should possess, what is necessary to determine compliance with TMDLs, what is expected in a SWPPP, how to certify for endangered species, and questions on longitude and latitude.

This link of an Example SWPPP is for projects less than 5 acres.  It does give good examples of what is needed and required to be contained within this document. In all likelihood, this document would be more condensed and much smaller for most projects proposed within the City of Manchester.

At a minimum, the City of Manchester is requiring that the following information be provided in every SWPPP that is developed for any project within the city.

  • Description (Purpose and types of soil disturbing activities)
  • Site area map
  • Sequence of major construction activities
  • Name of nearby receiving waters (to include streams, wetlands, marshes, etc.)
  • Erosion & sediment controls and stabilization practices
  • Erosion & sediment controls structural practices
  • Stormwater Management
  • Waste disposal methods for waste materials
  • Waste disposal methods for hazardous wastes
  • Waste disposal methods for sanitary waste
  • Offsite vehicle tracking protections
  • Erosion & sediment control inspection & maintenance practices
  • Anticipated non-stormwater discharges
  • Inventory of materials expected to be present on site during construction
  • Spill prevention and material management practices (good housekeeping, hazardous products, fertilizers, paints, concrete truck washing, etc.)
  • Spill control practices in the event of a spill or site contamination
  • Site map outlining stabilization measures, storage areas, entrance(s), stormwater structures, etc.
  • Certification of compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Certification
  • Contractor Certification

Any Questions? Contact: Robert Robinson (by email), or by phone (603) 665-6899.

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