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Leadership, Integrity, Service

Veteran silhouette saluting the flagWe value these core values, and the miltary instills them in the men and  women who serve.

There are many similarities between miltary and police work:

  • Chain of Command
  • High Standards
  • Mission Driven
  • Commitment to Service
  • Strong Sense of  Responsibility

Manchester has many veterans working in the department and we understand how difficult it can be to transition from active duty to civilian life.

State and Local Benefits

  • Military pay differential for officers who are called to active duty.
  • 20 days of Paid leave per training year when military duties conflict with an employee regular work schedule.
  • NH Retirement System service credit for deployed members

Soldiers with Planes flying overhead


Soldier with Flag

Manchester Police Officers Proudly Serve in ALL 5 Branches of the United States Armed Forces

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