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Recruitment and Training

RangeThe Training Unit is responsible for all departmental training, as well as recruitment and selection of new Police Officers, Emergency Services Dispatchers, Police Services Specialist and other civilian employees.

Under the direct supervision of the Administrative Division captain, the four officers of the Unit are tasked with the responsibilities of recruitment and selection, organizing and implementing training classes, firearms’ maintenance, and overseeing physical fitness instruction and guidance.

Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and hiring of both police officers and civilian employees is an extremely important task, as those employed by the Police Department directly represent what the department and the City of Manchester have to offer residents.  Focused on attracting only the highest quality employees, members of the Training Unit spend a great deal of time attending job fairs, speaking to college students, and finding new and innovative ways to advertise the City of Manchester and its police department.  Police officer tests are administered biannually and testing methods are constantly reviewed and updated.

Shooting range

Range Master

The range master coordinates and conducts firearms training for all of the department's police officers and is responsible for issuing, servicing, and maintaining all department weapons.  The range master also serves as the department's quartermaster, and in that capacity is responsible for uniform and equipment research, purchasing, and distribution.

Training Officers

The training officers are responsible for planing, organizing, and implementing various in-service training opportunities for police officers. Duties also include being in charge of the department's in-house new-recruit training academy and the field officer training program.  Additionally, these officers are the department's physical fitness coordinators, overseeing state-mandated officer physical fitness requirements and offering fitness instruction and guidance to all employees of the department.

The Manchester Police Department Training Unit is committed to recruiting, hiring, and maintaining only the highest quality employees to serve the residents of Manchester.  Members of the unit take a great deal of pride in this commitment and continually strive to improve themselves and all of the employees of the Department.

The Training Unit is under the supervision of Administrative Division Captain Todd Boucher and is staffed by the following officers:

  • Sergeant  Brian Caldwell: Unit Director  (603) 792-5451 /
  • Officer Jason Keim: Recruitment and Selection
  • Officer William Dann:  Training Officer and Police Academy Coordinator
  • Officer Todd Leshney:  Range Master
  • Officer Warren Tanner:  Training Specialist
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