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Retirees Over 65 Plan Information


Effective January 1, 2022, the City of Manchester's retirees over 65 health insurance coverage with the United American Insurance Company will be renewed and plan rates will remain unchanged.  This is a Medicare Supplement Plan with Medicare Part D Prescription coverage.

Summary of Benefits for United American Plans effective 1/1/2022.


  • You can call United American at 1-800-730-4648 to get information on the Medical Plan.
  • When you visit a doctor or go to the hospital you will need to show both your Medicare Card and your United American Health Card.
  • If you are unable to locate your Medicare card, there are 3 ways you can request a replacement. You can visit your local Social Security office; or you can call Medicare at 1-800-772-1213 or you can go online at www.ssa.gov/medicarecard to request a replacement card.
  • If you see a provider who will not file your claim to medicare, if it is a medicare approved expense, you can file the claim yourself. The instructions and form can be found on www.medicare.gov.  


  • You can call Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) at 1-888-345-2560 to get information on the Part D Pharmacy Plan.
  • When you go to the pharmacy, you'll need to show your Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) Prescription card.
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager for United American is Express Scripts. Pharmacy Directory can be found at www.Express-Scripts.com. You can look on this site to see if your current prescriptions are covered.
  • If you want to do Mail Order/Home delivery for your prescriptions, call your doctor to get new prescriptions and fill out the Express Scripts Mail Order Form and mail it to: Express Scripts, Home Delivery Service, PO Box 66568, St.Louis MO 63166-9973. You can also order online by going to www.StartHomeDelivery.com.


Health Through Oral Wellness (HOW) Program

If you are enrolled in the City's Delta Dental Insurance Plan the Health Through Oral Wellness is available to you. This program extends additional preventive benefits to those who are at greater risk for oral disease. Benefit enhancements may include sealants for children and adults, greater frequency of cleanings (up to 4 cleanings per year), periodontal maintenance, fluoride treatments, oral health counseling and tooth decay susceptibility testing.

Read the HOW Brochure to get more information! You can also go to the HOW web site for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program call Delta Dental Customer service at 603-223-1000 or 1-800-537-1715.

(Please know, any additional preventive benefits you may qualify for through the HOW program are subject to the City’s dental benefit plan design.  These benefits are subject to the $1,500 calendar year maximum.  Also, if your qualify for additional periodontal maintenance services under “Basic Restorative”, you will be responsible for the 40% coinsurance).