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City of Manchester Quality Council

Mission Statement

The Quality Council shall promote and coordinate continuous improvement efforts by supporting all employees in carrying out the mission statement of the City to ensure exceptional customer service through involvement, communication and commitment.

Brief History

The groundwork for the City of Manchester Quality Council was established in 2000 by the Yarger-Decker Oversight Committee comprised of representatives from the Aldermanic Board, department heads and the unions representing City employees. In association with Dr. Geri King, of the University of New Hampshire, the Human Resources Director developed the guidelines for Council membership and the role of the Council itself. The structure was based upon that fostered by adherents of the “Total Quality Management” approach to customer service.

The Quality Council was originally comprised of affiliated employees, non-affiliated employees, department heads, mayoral appointees and the Human Resources Director.

In 2006, the Council voted to open its membership to representatives of the business and academic communities.

Current Members

  • Jennie Angell - Information Systems (Department Head)
  • Jackie Curtis - Human Resources (non affilated)
  • Jon Donovan - Office of Youth Services (non-affiliated, non-management) (Chair)
  • TBD - Mayor’s Office (Mayoral appointee)
  • Jane Gile - Human Resources (Department Head)
  • Mark MacLeod - (affiliated)
  • Rick Polson - Police (affiliated)
  • Barbara Shaw - Ward 9 Alderman (mayoral appointee)
  • Mike Woitkowski - Highway (affiliated) (Vice-Chair)
  • Tiffany Lucas - Highway (non-affiliated)


  • Alderman appointed by Mayor
  • Non City employees (business and academic community)


  • Jon Donovan - Chair
  • Michael Woitkowski - Vice-Chair


  • Bright Ideas Program - Members: Jane Gile, Chair - Tim Soucy, Co-Chair
  • Bob Powers’ Memorial Pantry - Members: Mark MacLeod, Chair - Rick Polson – Vice- Chair
  • Employee Appreciation Events - Members: Jon Donovan, Vice-Chair
  • Communications - Members: Jennie Angell, Chair 


Council meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of the month at 1:00 PM in the Walter Stiles' Conference Room in City Hall.