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Open Enrollment

Special Open Enrollment For

IAFF, MAFS and USWA Collective Bargining Units

November 13, 2018-November 16, 2018

OpenEnrollment Informational Sessions Schedule

Open Enrollment 10/15-10/19 from MPTS - Channel 22 on Vimeo.

Special Open Enrollment Announcement for:

A special open enrollment period will be held for covered employees of the groups listed above from November 13, 2018-November 16, 2018.  Information sessions will be held during this time to provide education and answer questions about the new Site of Service Plan (SOS).  Notices for the open enrollment sessions dates/time will be sent through your payclerk and posted to this website. Plan changes take effect January 1, 2019.

Summary of Benefits for Site of Service plans:

Rate Charts and Enrollment forms:


USWA Water Union



For information regarding benefits for groups other than those listed above:

Health, Dental, Life & Disability, Flex Spending,
Employee Benefit Guide

FY 2019 Annual Employee Benefit Notices

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