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Summary of Benefits & Coverage per ACA Guidelines

The purpose of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) is to provide individuals with standard information so they can compare medical plans as they make decisions about which plans to choose. 

 Utilization Reports 

These reports were completed for the City of Manchester by Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield. They are in-depth analysis of the medical claims for the City of Manchester.


Listed below are the health insurance plans available to the City of Manchester employees. Which plan is available to you depends on which union you are with and your date of hire. Please ensure that you look at the right information and complete the correct forms that correspond with your union and date of hire.

Quick Links For Forms And Information

Below are quick links to get you to the correct section that will have your health information and forms. Click on the link that coincides with your Union Affiliation:

Click on the links below for more information on the following:

Health Insurance Opt-Out Incentive Program Rules & Forms

This program offers a cash incentive to eligible City of Manchester employees who waive their right to enroll in the City's Health Insurance plan.

See below for rules and form:

You must re-apply for the incentive each fiscal year! If you applied and received the incentive last year, you will not automatically get it again this fiscal year - you must re-apply for it.

If you are currently on the City's health insurance, you must also complete the Health Insurance Enrollment/Change form to cancel your health Insurance. Click here to go to the quick links to find the correct form based on your union affiliation.

The Incentive is considered ordinary income and therefore subject to Federal, State, Social Security, and Medicare taxes and City and State Retirement deductions.

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Summary of Benefits for all Health Plans

Below are the Summary of Benefits if Your Date of Hire is PRIOR TO:

AFSCME - 5/1/12
Airport Teamsters - 3/6/12
IAFF - 3/6/12
Library Teamsters - 3/6/12
MAFS - 2/21/12
MAPS - 2/7/12
MPPA - 2/7/12
Non-Affiliates - 3/6/12
PDSS - 10/15/2013
WaterWorks Union - 7/31/13
Welfare Teamsters - 6/5/12

Below are the Summary of Benefits if Your Date of Hire is AFTER the dates listed above:

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Aldermen, Dept. Heads, AFSCME, IAFF, Library Teamsters, MAFS, Non-Affiliates & Welfare Teamsters


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WaterWorks & PDSS Unions


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MAPS & MPPA Unions


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Airport Teamsters Union


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School Nurses 


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Walk in/ Urgent Care Facilities In NH



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