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Manchester Weed & Seed Strategy Structure

As a collaborative effort, the Manchester Weed & Seed (W&S) Strategy is both comprehensive and intentional about the efforts and programming that it implements in the city.  The work of reducing gangs, drugs, and overall violence is facilitated through a Steering Committee and smaller, focused Subcommittees.  We encourage all residents, organizations, and businesses of Manchester to get involved in their community.  If you are interested in joining one of these committees or would like additional information, please contact the Health Department at 624-6466.


The Steering Committee is the primary organizational body governing the W&S Strategy.  It convenes key stakeholders, identifies the areas of greatest need, facilitates the collaboration of the stakeholders through both Steering and the Subcommittees, develops strategic plans, identifies the roles and commitments of the partners, mobilizes new and existing resources to implement goals and objectives, establishes and tracks accountability measures, balances weeding and seeding efforts, and provides oversight for the W&S Strategy.


Community Policing at City Function


Safe Havens are multiservice centers in which a variety of youth and adult services are coordinated in a highly visible and accessible facility.  Manchester residents can also develop relationships, find opportunities, and enhance skills at these centers.

The Manchester Weed & Seed Strategy Safe Havens are:
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