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Storm Water and Contractors

Notice of Intent

Mud WashA contractor working at a construction site that disturbs more than one acre of land has several requirements to fulfill (Contractor Obligations) in regards to EPA's Storm Water Management Program. A contractor must file a Notice of Intent (NOI) and have a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) prepared before even beginning construction. To find out more about this permit and the City's minimum requirements for a SWPPP click on the above link.

Construction Site Runoff Controls

DitchContractors have to control any erosion and sediment that could leave their site and impact drainage systems and water ways. There are several Best Management Practices that may be applied to a site to assure this doesn't happen. The development of a comprehensive SWPPP can be the foundation of good sediment and erosion control. Click the above link for more detailed information.

Post Construction Controls

The Contractor is required to apply any of several methods to assure runoff isn't a problem after construction is completed. These controls apply both to new developments and sites that are redeveloped. The above link lists several fact sheets for structural and non-structural Best Management Practices and the best circumstances for their respective application.

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