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Post Construction Controls

Example of good erosion practices for steep slopes.The EPA has an extensive site on Post Construction Runoff Controls in New Development and Redevelopment. It has very good information on the current application of structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) and non-structural BMPs.

Each structural and non-structural BMP application is mentioned below. Click on the associated link to find out the best applications for each particular one. The BMP fact sheets at the bottom of the first page of the EPA website has very informative information for any developer in a site's pre-planning phase.

Structural BMPs - These are physical units that assist in the prevention of runoff. There is usually a higher capital cost associated with this type of BMP compared to the non-structural BMP and tend to require more ongoing maintenance. The positive is these are usually more effective in larger site applications.

Good Example of Erosion ControlNon-Structural BMPs - These BMPs are usually non-structural or have very small structure requirements. They are usually limited to smaller sites and are more aesthetically pleasing than the usual structural BMPs. They do require more initial site planning for a good eye-pleasing project fit. They require ongoing short-term inexpensive maintenance (cleaning up debris and sand), and are typically quite effective over the long-term.

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