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Manchester Arts Commission

The first Art Commission was created in 1937, requiring three persons who served varying terms in office. Over the years the Commission functioned at varying degrees of activity, or inactivity, but always with a passion for promoting public art and all volunteers. It has been almost five years since three Art Commissioners – Grace Freije, Althea Haropulos and Georgie Reagan – were appointed by Mayor Raymond Wieczorek in December, 1999 and later re-appointed by Mayor Robert Baines. This particular appointment followed a period of inactivity for several years.

The Commissioners found themselves in the ‘activity’ category, and still with more visions of many great projects requiring hands-on attention. With only ‘volunteer time’ in which to accomplish them, they knew they needed help. With that in mind, the Commissioners requested a new ordinance that would add two additional commissioners. On April 16, 2002 the request was accepted by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. In the spring of 2002, Mayor Baines appointed Peter Ramsey and Al St. Cyr to the Commission. Richard Maynard was appointed in May, 2004, to fill the expired term of Althea Haropulos.

The Manchester Arts Commission has achieved many things over the past few years - from the re-opening of the McIninch Family Gallery to the trolley tours featuring "Art on the Wall" at City Hall. For more information, feel free to browse their website or contact the Commission at

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