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Combined Water & Sewer Billing FAQ

Why are water and sewer bills being combined?

Manchester Water Works (MWW) and the Department of Public Works’ Environmental Protection Division (EPD) charges have been combined onto a single presentation Water and Sewer Bill starting in January, 2015. A single bill is the industry standard and will increase billing efficiencies, reduce operating costs, provide a single point of contact for customers, and reduce delinquencies.

When will my Water and Sewer payment be due?

Payment is due within 30 days from bill date. A 5% penalty on all unpaid billed water and sewer charges will be assessed subsequent to the 30-day due date.

How often will I receive a Water and Sewer Bill?

You will receive your bill at the same monthly or quarterly frequency as you had previously been billed when the services were billed separately.

Are there still two account numbers for both water and sewer services?

No, the Water and Sewer Bill will use your existing MWW account number at the time the bills were combined. If you are not currently a MWW customer a new account number will be assigned.

Am I still able to pay my Water and Sewer Bill with a credit card, through direct payment, or via online banking?

Yes, all three of these payment options will still be available.

If I do not pay my Water and Sewer Bill, will both services be shut off?

Unpaid bills can ultimately result in shut off of water service only.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my bill?

Water Works LogoManchester Water Works
281 Lincoln St
Manchester, NH 03103
Phone: (603) 624-6494  (attn: Phil Croasdale)

Environmental Protection Division LogoEnvironmental Protection Division
300 Winston St
Manchester, NH 03103
Phone: (603) 624-6595  (attn: June George)

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