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Energy Projects

Central Fire Station Climate Controls Upgrade

Central Fire Station 

  • Recent upgrades have been completed to improve the energy efficiency of the heating plant at the Central Fire Station.  They include upgrading a portion of the stand alone electric controls to direct digital controls connected to the City's Energy Management System. 
  • The truck bays infrared heating system is now controlled and monitored by the is system to maintain the areas based on the City's Energy Policy 
  • The hot water reset controls which were in a state of disrepair are now fully functional and supplying hot water to the station's baseboard radiation based on the outside air temperature  

South Willow Street   Fire Station Engine 3

 Fire Station 3 

  • This station had a entire building lighting retrofit completed in June of 2012

Mammoth Road   Fire Station Engine 10

 Fire Station 10

  • This station had a entire building lighting retrofit completed in the June of 2012


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