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City Hall

Exterior of City Hall from the South West

Since a 1990s renovation City Hall East Section has been heated by a steam boiler located in the basement of the City Hall just below the Elm Street side of the building.  

In the spring of 2011 a project was approved to replace the steam boiler with new super efficient hot water unit rated at 95% with greater operating flexibility. The project began in August and completed in September. The total cost of the project was just over $213,000 which was funded by State Load Fund and the state Pay for Performance Program Reinvestment Act.

The Boiler is current in use and tracking is in place to determine the actual energy savings for the 2011 -2012 heating season.   Savings on the entire heating system are projected at 10%. 


  Old Existing Boiler

Old Steam Boiler at City Hall

 New High Efficiency Boiler

City Hall East New Boiler   


A complete lighting retrofit was completed at City Hall in December of 2011.  The new retrofits included the use of LEDs, high efficiency T8 fluorescent lamps and ballasts, and compact fluorescent lamps.  Motion sensors where also installed in several offices and rest rooms.  This effort has improved the light levels, color rendering, and is more efficient that the old existing lighting.  The project is partially funded through Pay for Performance; a State Public Utilities Commission Program.  The project included modifications to 693 light fixtures and has a simple payback of 6 years. 


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