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Did You Know

Manchester owns over 50 buildings totaling nearly 3 million square feet including municipal, schools and parks and recreation facilities. Heating, cooling and lighting these buildings requires a significant amount of energy, even with our energy conservation efforts. Some statics on the City's energy use in 2010.

City of Manchester Energy Use

Utility Amount Consumed Annually This is equivalent to what?
Electricity 15,450,000 kWh

Electric use of 1,350 homes, or
CO2 emissions from 1.2 million gallons of gasoline consumed

Natural Gas 114,613 million BTU

Heating for about 1,000 homes, or
The annual CO2 emissions of 1,124 cars, or
CO2 emissions from 13,392 barrels of oil

A Cord of Firewood contains 20,960,000 BTUs, with a cost of around $300 cut split and delivered, that amount of heat content is equal to: 

  • 151 Gallons of #2 Fuel Oil
  • 228 Gallons of Propane
  • 210 Therms of Natural Gas
  • 6,141 Kilowatt Hours of Electricity 
   @ $560
   @ $798
   @ $273
   @ $860

1 Kilowatt of Electricity is equal to operating a 100 Watt Light Bulb for 10 hours operating the lamp for 10 hours with that bulb at your home would cost you about 14 cents.


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