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Plan Overview

During the past 24 months the City has been in the process of implementing a comprehensive energy management program. ARAMARK Engineering Solutions has been selected through a competitive process to provide the expertise and resources needed to assist the City in implementing the program.  Steps to the program include

 Energy Audit

Auditing identifies the opportunities to reduce energy use and provide estimates of annual savings as well as the installation cost to implement the improvements.

To date over 2.5 million square feet of City and School buildings have been audited. Over 150 different energy efficiency opportunities were identified which are expected to save over $500,000 annually with an overall payback about 4 years.

 Energy Project Implementation

Approximately $1.8 million is being invested in energy efficiency upgrades with completion expected in June 2012. The projects were identified as part of the energy audit. Much of this will be funded through external sources such as America Revitalization and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding, utility incentives, low/ no interested loans and regional greenhouse gas initiative funds.

 Optimization of Existing Systems

Improvement in technology and changes in accepted operating practices provide opportunities to optimize existing systems, sometimes with little or no investment. The City, along with ARAMARK has identified numerous opportunities to optimize existing systems and we are currently working on implementing those upgrades.

 Energy Education and Awareness

Energy consumption is an integral part of our everyday lives and our behaviors significantly impact the amount of energy we use.

Manchester’s Energy Education and Awareness initiatives are focused on increasing awareness of how our actions impact energy use and what people can do to reduce their overall energy footprint.

 City Energy Policy

The City of Manchester has an Energy Policy, if you would like to review that policy, click here.