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General Information

Manchester Police Department
405 Valley Street
Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 668-8711

Nick Willard - Chief of Police x5403
Carlo Capano - Assistant Chief of Police x5401
Kim Demers - Executive Secretary x5403

Training Division:
Sergeant Steve Mangone - Training Sergeant x5451
Officer Jason Keim - Training and Academy Coordinator  x5454
Officer Carl Accorto - Recruitment and Selection Officer x5452
Officer Nate Boudreau - Range Master x5453
Officer Andy Delorey - Training Specialist x5573

Uniform Division:
Captain Jon Hopkins - x5460
Patrol Secretary Diane Kingsbury - x5459
Officer In Charge (OIC) - x5466

Detective Division:
Captain James Flanagan - x5501
Mary Makris (Secretary) - x5500

Juvenile Division:
Cindy MacLeay (Secretary) - x5544
Lt. Sean Leighton - x5504
Sgt. Nicole Ledoux - x5546

Domestic Violence:
Sgt. Paul Thompson x5529
Det. Dan Nolan x5536
Det. Patrick Maguire x5535
Det. Joseph Lorenzo x5533
Det. Tom Florenzo x5532
Rashida Mohammed - Victim Advocate x5530

Business Office:
Steven Hoeft, Business Service Officer x5411

Rachael Page, Communications Manager x5417
Dispatch Supervisor x5418

Community Policing:
Cpt. James Soucy - x5429
Lt. Brian O'Keefe - x5430
Sgt. Jamie Gallant - x5429

Evidence Technician x5577

Legal/Records Division:
Cpt. Maureen Tessier- x5473
Lt. Steve Reardon - x5474
Officer Carissa Pelletier - Adult Prosecutor x5478
Officer Candace Thomas - Juvenile Prosecutor x5549
Gisele McCarthy, Records Supervisor x5480

Traffic Division/Personnel:
VACANT Lt. - x5438
Sgt Chris Goodnow - x5439
(Secretary) x5440

Animal Control: (603) 792-5461

Booking: x5470

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