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2017 Departmental Expenditures

Accounts payable expenditures by vendor totaling $10,000 and above for fiscal year 2017. If you have questions regarding the items below, please contact either Tim Soucy or Gabriela Walder at (603) 624-6466.

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Department NameDescriptionVendorVendor NumberAmount
Health DepartmentConsulting ServicesFRANCES MAUREEN QUINN000039157$20,000.00
Health DepartmentElectricityEVERSOURCE000002546$54,227.49
Health DepartmentHomeless Health CareCATHOLIC MEDICAL CENTER000000526$1,847,523.29
Health DepartmentNatural GasDIRECT ENERGY BUSINESS MRKTING INC000039313$10,274.15
Health DepartmentOther Project CostsBANK OF AMERICA000039427$38,449.33
Health DepartmentOther Project CostsEISENBERG, VITAL & RYZE000035371$25,000.00
Health DepartmentOther Project CostsHENRY SCHEIN, INC.000002740$55,886.15
Health DepartmentOther Project CostsMAKIN' IT HAPPEN COALITION FOR RESI000038976$164,036.53
Health DepartmentOther Project CostsMANCHESTER COMMUNITY HEALTH000001796$163,749.66
Health DepartmentOther Project CostsSOUTHERN NH AHEC000031637$14,536.49
Health DepartmentOther Project CostsTHE GRANITE YMCA000003272$40,134.50
Health DepartmentP-Card TransactionsP-CARD SCHOOL HEALTH CORP000039427$10,034.65

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