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Teacher Resources

There are numerous resources for Teachers interested in teaching their students more about energy.

Helpful links:

  • Energy Smart Schools - Teaching Resources - A site designed to give teachers links and reasons for teaching about energy. Includes useful organizations, lesson plans, energy science projects, and useful links. This site also helps answer important questions such as why we should teach about energy, how to get kids interested, and how energy efficient schools can improve learning.
  • National Energy Education Development (NEED) - NEED is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting an understanding of the scientific, economic and environmental impacts of energy. Their website contains PDF's of energy info-books and activities for all grade levels. 
  • National Energy Foundation - A non-profit website that provides educational materials and programs related to energy, the environment, and natural resources. Their educator page contains an online catalog, workshops, graduate courses, and online lessons and activities.
  • Department of Energy's Teacher Resources - A comprehensive site that contains lesson plans, activities for all grade levels, energy education resources, an overall look at energy and how energy and recycling are linked, and grant opportunities.
  • Alliance To Save Energy - A website offering multidisciplinary, hands-on educational opportunities with downloadable lesson plans.


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